Sacred Heart Cathedral

Sacred Heart Cathedral

Seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Gallup. The first Sacred Heart church was built by Father George Julliard in 1899. When the Diocese of Gallup was established in 1939, Sacred Heart Church became its cathedral. The present cathedral dates from 1955. 

415 E Green Ave
Gallup, NM 87301

Phone: (505) 722-6644
Fax: (505) 722-6645


Parish Schedule

Sunday: 8:00 am, 11:00 am, 5:15pm
Monday through Saturday: 8:00am

Saturday: 9:00 am (1 hr), 3:00 pm (2 hrs)
Monday-Friday: 7:15 am (30 mins)
Tuesday: 12:00 pm (1 hr)
Thursday: 6:00 pm (1 hr)
First Fridays: 7 am(1 hr)

Thursday: 7:00 pm (1 hr)
First Fridays: 7:00 am (1 hr)

CCD Lessons

From the Rector/CCD, Second Sunday of Lent, 2/28/21

The Ten Commandments #2 Commandments 4-10 Lesson 20 241. What is the fourth commandment of God? Honor thy father and thy mother. 242. What are we commanded by the fourth commandment? To respect and love our parents, to obey them in all that is not sinful, and to help them when they are in need.

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From the Rector

From the Rector/CCD, First Sunday of Lent, 2/21/21

The Ten Commandments #1 Commandments 1-3 Lesson 19 198. What is the first commandment of God? I am the Lord thy God; thou shalt not have strange gods before Me. 199. What are we commanded by the first commandment? To offer to God alone the supreme worship that is due Him. 200. How do we

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Sacred Heart Cathedral
From the Rector

From the Rector, Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time, 2/14/21

Tips for Making a Good Lent Lent begins this Wednesday! In order to help you prepare, here are seven tips for making a good Lent, excerpted and adapted from an article by Fr. Ed Broom, OMV. 1. Prayer: Instead of being Martha this Lent, why not try to imitate Mary of Bethany? What did Mary

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