April 14, 2019, Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord



RCIA Catechumenate Worksheet

 Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC)#1210-1321. United States Catholic Catechism for Adults Chapters 15, 16

  1. Confirmation gives us the grace to be adult Christians. It’s essential rite includes (CCC#1293-130:
  2. A.Renewal of _Baptismal_ Promises (when split with Baptism);
  3. The Laying on of  _Hands_;
  4. _Anointing_ with Chrism Oil.
  5. The effects of Confirmation include (CCC#1302-1305):
  6. Deeper rooting as God’s _Children_;
  7. Firmer union with _Christ_
  8. Increase in the _Gifts_ of the Holy Spirit:
  9. Fear of the Lord (wonder and awe);
  10. Knowledge;
  11. Piety (reverence);
  12. Fortitude (Courage);
  13. Counsel (Right Judgment);
  14. Understanding;
  15. Wisdom;
  16. More perfect bond with the _Church_;
  17. Strength to _Spread_ and _Defend_ the Faith.
  18. Only those baptized can receive Confirmation (CCC#1306-1314).
  19. It is celebrated only _Once_ in the life of the Christian;
  20. For those receiving it after the age of reason, one must:
  21. _Profess_ the Faith;
  22. Be in the state of _Grace_;
  23. Have the _Intention_ of receiving it;
  24. Be ready to be Christ’s _Disciple_ and _Witness_.
  25. The ordinary minister of the sacrament is the _Bishop_, but it can be administered by a Priest.


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