Irish Catholics, rejoice!

For those who were hoping to partake of traditional St. Patrick’s Day foods – especially corned beef – even thought the Feast Day falls on a Friday in Lent, worry no longer. Bishop Wall has issued a special dispensation this year which will allow Catholics to eat meat on March 17. Please note, however, that this dispensation comes with a request to perform an alternative act of penance.

The announcement from Bishop Wall is as follows:

“This year Saint Patrick’s Day falls on a Friday of Lent. I grant a dispensation from the Church Law requiring abstinence for all the faithful of the Diocese of Gallup for that day. I request that all who avail themselves of this dispensation perform an alternative work of penance; such as:

  • A visit for prayer before the Blessed Sacrament
  • Abstaining from some other pleasurable, customary activity for the day
  • Visiting someone who is sick or in prison
  • Reaching out to an estranged friend or family member
  • Giving special alms to the poor or to a charity of the church

We continue our Lenten journey in imitation of our Lord Jesus in his 40 days in the desert. May his spirit strengthen us and bring us closer to him in love.

In Christ,

The Most. Rev. James S. Wall
Bishop of Gallup”

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