Donation platform migration FAQ

We’re moving from WeShare to Flocknote

Learn about the changes and how they affect you.

What is Flocknote?

Flocknote is a digital platform built for ministries, which offers communication, member management, online giving (and more), all in one place.

Why are you switching platforms?

Flocknote will help us communicate with our parishioners much more easily, and will give our donors an improved donation management experience.

If I have an ongoing monthly donation set up in Flocknote, what do I need to do?

We’re asking active recurring donors to create a new recurring donation in Flocknote here, and then to cancel their WeShare donation by logging in here.

We would also be glad to cancel the donation for you, if that’s easier. If you would like that done, please contact us

Will Flocknote include the donations I’ve made previously through WeShare?

Yes, we’re moving over your donation history from WeShare to Flocknote.

Will I still receive a letter listing my donations at the end of the year for tax purposes?

Yes, since we’re moving over your donation history from WeShare to Flocknote, we won’t lose track of any past donation history, and will be able to provide that letter at the end of the year as expected.

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