From the Rector, 12/17/2023, Third Sunday of Advent

Sunday and Christmas Mass Obligations

Since Christmas falls on a Monday this year, I wanted to give the following instruction

which could be helpful in planning for the double obligation for Mass attendance on

Sunday and on Christmas. 

Catholics have an obligation to participate in Mass on both Sunday, 24 December

(Fourth Sunday of Advent) and on Christmas Day, 25 December. Both obligations must

be fulfilled (the faithful must go to two Masses), meaning one Mass on Sunday evening

will not suffice for both obligations.

The obligation for the Fourth Sunday of Advent can be fulfilled, as usual, with a vigil

Mass on 23 December or a Mass at any time on 24 December.

The obligation for Christmas Day can be fulfilled at any Mass on Christmas eve,

Christmas night, or on Christmas day itself. 

The following week, 1 January is the solemnity of Mary, Mother of God. This year,

because it falls on a Monday, it is not a Holy Day of Obligation. It is nonetheless highly

recommended that Catholics attend Mass that day.

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