Sacred Heart Cathedral

From the Rector/Catechesis, Fifth Sunday of Easter, 5/7/2023

Vocational Sacraments (Holy Orders and Holy Matrimony)

Holy Order


o Ordination, consecration

o OT (Fathers, Moses and 70, Aaron and sons, Levites)

o Jesus the High Priest (Hebrews)

o Baptismal priesthood (Body of Christ) and ministerial (Christ the Head)

•Degrees (and succession)

o Bishops , Priests, Deacons

•Matter and Form

o Man free to be ordained (vocation [from God and Church] and formation!)

o Laying on of hands and consecratory prayer

•Grace and Effects

o Indelible Mark

o Sacred power: to act in Name of Christ/Church

Holy Matrimony

• Background

o All called to sacrificial love

o Natural definition: exclusive, freely chosen, lifelong, loving, complementary

union of a man and a woman for procreation and education of children

o Adam and Eve before (helpmate, one flesh, image of God) and after Fall (sin,


o Covenants of OT (adultery and idolatry); 6th and 9th Commandments

o Jesus (Cana, preaching, Bridegroom) and Early Church (Revelation 21:9-27)

o Eph. 5: 21-33: man and wife sign of Christ and Church

• Matter and Form

o Man and woman free to marry

o Vows (consent!)

•Grace and Effects (particularly to strengthen the following)

o Properties

• Unity

• Indissoluble marriage bond until death, once ratum et consummatum

o Purposes

• Union

• Procreation

o Holiness of spouses because of Christ in spouse

o Domestic Church

This week’s recommendation: Matrimony & Holy Orders: Called Session 1-4 (vocations) & Called Session 5: Called to Matrimony (parents ensure your children can watch video on Matrimony.)

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