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From the Rector/Catechesis, Fifth Sunday of Lent, 3/2/2023

“12 Ways to Make Holy Week More Meaningful”
Adapted from Simply Catholic

  1. PRAYER. If you have to work or go to school during Holy Week, think about how
    you can incorporate prayer breaks into each day.
  2. MAKE AN ADDITIONAL SACRIFICE by fasting and abstaining from meat on
    Holy Thursday and Holy Saturday in addition to Good Friday.
  3. DON’T WATCH TELEVISION from sundown on Holy Thursday until Easter
  4. GO to confession.
  5. SET ASIDE 10 minutes every day to read Passion accounts in the Gospels.
  6. Make it a point to FORGIVE someone on Good Friday.
  7. PRAY the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary.
  8. OFFER UP any pain or difficulties you experience during Holy Week and unite
    your sufferings with the pain of Christ.
  9. PRAY the Stations of the Cross.
  10. ATTEND all of the Triduum liturgies.
  11. INVITE family members, friends and neighbors — especially people who have
    strayed from the church — to come to church with you.
  12. VOLUNTEER to help others in some charitable way.

This week’s recommendation: Preparing for Holy Week | The Augustine Institute with Dr. Tim Gray and Dr. Mark Giszczak (any and all choices); Triduum: A Spiritual Pilgrimage

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