From the Rector, July 7, 2024

A Couple Parish Updates

Now at the midpoint of the year I would like to give you a couple exciting updates for the parish, the first a possibility and the second is already in the works.

1. As you know, the downtown property that belongs to the Cathedral (where the old Lowe’s grocery store used to be) has been defunct for years now. When the store moved, we lost 40% of our annual income and the property continues to be a drain on our resources. There is a possibility that this property will soon be bought from the Cathedral. As the details are still being worked out, I can’t say much more now, but please pray for the success of this! Any funds generated from the sale of this property will go toward repairing the Cathedral floor. I would love for this to be done by next summer, in time for the Cathedral’s 70th anniversary.

2. It may seem odd to mention the Cathedral’s heating system in the middle of summer, but the in-floor heating system is on less than its last leg. It may well not turn on again this winter, and so we have had to make arrangements for a new system. Horizon Plumbing and Heating has given us a proposal for a series of heat exchanging units which will be placed on the eastern faces of some of the wooden archways in the church (meaning you won’t see them unless you are walking out of the building). The added benefit of this system is that it will include air conditioning! The large fans have helped, but actual air conditioning will be better in the desert summers. Since this project was just approved by Bishop Wall, we don’t yet have a timeline, but I will keep you informed as we learn more information. The total cost for this project is about $260,000 (which is much cheaper than other systems proposed to us). We have the money for this, but will of course need to refill our funds when this project is done.

As such, with these impending improvements to the Cathedral church, I would like to invite you to consider donations to our building fund. You may do so through our regular second collection for the building fund, by the link or code below, or by texting 415GREEN to 84576 to give $25. Thank you! Please pray for the success of these endeavors and for our parish. God bless! –Fr. Brown

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