From the Rector, Second Sunday in Ordinary Time, 1/15/2023

Introduction to the Sacraments

•Grace: What is it, and what does it do?

• Divine life (CCC 1996-1997, 1999, 2000)

•Free and undeserved gift

•Heal and perfect

•Sanctifying, habitual, actual

•Sacramental (CCC 1129, 2003)

•Sacraments (CCC 1115-6, 1123, 1131; SC 59-61; LG 11)

o Mysterion and Sacramentum

o CCC 1131:

Efficacious signs of grace

•Sign, action, word

• Matter and form

• Grace

• Do what they mean

•Ex opere operato/operantis

• +Wall: “guaranteed encounter with the living Christ”

Instituted by Christ

•Divine origin (Scripture)

•Thus obedience

Entrusted to Church

•Guardian, steward, protector

•Governs admin, not essence

o Thus obedience! No messing around

By which divine life is dispensed

•St. Leo: “What was visible in our Lord’s life has passed into His


o Essentials




•In persona Christi capitis

Intention and condition

o Effects/particular graces (CCC 1129, 2003); Character (CCC 1121)

Ways we come in contact with Christ in all stages of life

Application of Paschal Mystery to our lives in all aspects

• Gal. 2:20 lived out 

This week’s FORMED.org recommended video: REAL+TRUE

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