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From the Rector, Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time, October 24, 2021

 Introduction to the Synoptic Gospels

 Lesson 8

• Who is Jesus?

o Is He real to you?

o Look to the Gospels!

• What is a Gospel?

o “Life” of Christ

o Varying portraits of Jesus with different emphases

o “Synoptics” and John

• Follow-up from OT (starting NT with Matthew)

o Cultures: Semitic, Hellenic, Roman

o Hebrew to Greek (Alexander the Great)

• Composition of Gospels (DV 7-8, 17-19, 24; CCC 51-53, 65-67, 74-79, 124-127)

o DV 19

o Words and works of Jesus (years 1-30)

o Apostolic preaching (years 30-60)

• Controversies with Jews

o Think synagogues, St. Justin (+165)

• Apostolic mission

• Catechesis in the Church

Redaction of Gospels (60-90 AD)

• All written for Christians

• Place

o Matthew in Palestine

o Mark in Rome

o Theophilus (Greece) for Luke

o Asia Minor for John

o Don’t forget Catholic biblical interpretation (author’s intent, HS and author, genre, canon, analogy of faith)

o ≠ fundamentalism!

• Content of Gospels: kerygma (1 Cor. 15:1-4,14, 17)

o Acts 10: 37-43 show principle characteristics of Gospels

° Talk about what Jesus did “in Judea and Jerusalem, beginning in Galilee” (place) “after the Baptism of John” (time)

° What happened: Anointing of Jesus at His baptism, public activity, (healing and doing good), death, resurrection, and preaching of apostles

o Beginning, Prep for public ministry, public ministry, turn toward Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Paschal Mystery

• Historical Jesus? Christ of Faith?

o Ratzinger, Jesus of Nazareth I, Foreword

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