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From the Rector, Twenty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time, 8/27/2023

Consecration of Days and Months

Consecrating something to God means setting it aside specifically for divine use—giving it to God so that He may reign over that thing. This can and should happen even with our time. The primary way this happens is by our daily prayer, but we can also consecrate our time more broadly by remembering various ways that the Church has dedicated the different days of the week and months of the year to various devotions. As we are about to begin the month of September, dedicated to the Seven Sorrows of Mary,

we can consider how we can use our time better to stay intentional about our relationship with God, especially through fitting devotions and prayers for a given day or month.

Day of the Week Dedicated to

Sunday Holy Trinity, Resurrection

Monday Holy Spirit, Poor Souls in Purgatory

Tuesday Holy Angels

Wednesday Saint Joseph

Thursday The Blessed Sacrament, Holy Priesthood

Friday Sacred Heart, Christ’s Passion

Saturday Blessed Virgin Mary, Immaculate Heart

Month Dedicated to

January Holy Name of Jesus, Infancy of Jesus

February Holy Family

March Saint Joseph

April The Blessed Sacrament

May Mary

June Sacred Heart of Jesus

July Precious Blood of Jesus

August Immaculate Heart of Mary

September Seven Sorrows of Mary

October The Holy Rosary, The Holy Angels

November Poor Souls in Purgatory

December Immaculate Conception 

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