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Job Description

Youth and Family Ministry Office

(Updated:  5 August 4, 2021)

Type of Employment:

Full-time (standard is 35 hours per week, up to a maximum of 40 hours per week when

     approved by supervisor due to workload)

Schedule of Work:

            Standard (8:30 AM – 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM – 4:30 PM)

            Occasional evening and weekend work may be needed to coordinate special visiting groups

     and special events


To coordinate the efforts of the Diocese of Gallup to provide a safe environment and rich
                   opportunities for youth to grow in faith by instruction and experience.

To develop and support efforts to promote healthy robust Catholic marriages and healthy
                   Christian family life through programs of marriage preparation, marriage enrichment,
                     pro-life activities and natural family planning

Type of Work:

            Majority will be office work

            Occasionally driving to coordinate mission groups

            A few trips annually to parishes to assist with catechetical organization

            Several trips in the year to parishes or entities for safe environment policy compliance surveys

            Occasional trip for training may be offered


            Serve as the Safe Environment Officer for the Diocese of Gallup

  • Oversee the execution and compliance with the Diocese of Gallup Policy and Procedures for the Protection of Minors
  • Manage VIRTUS program to include trainers and reports
  • Oversee background check processing and records
  • Coordinate safe environment training for children
  • Support the annual reporting to the United States Conference of Bishops
  • Serve as an ex official member of the Diocesan Review Board
  • Support the activities of the Diocesan Review Board as directed

Coordinate the religious catechetical activity to include approved instruction materials

Encourage and coordinate visiting youth groups for mission work

Develop and sponsor programs for the support of marriage to include:

  • Preparation for marriage
  • Activities for marriage enrichment
  • Natural Family Planning

Develop and sponsor pro-life activities

            Promote programs and activities to enrich family life

            Manage policy and procedures for all activities of the office

            Organize the Rite of Election each year on the First Sunday of Lent.

In conjunction with the Office of the Superintendent of Catholic Schools sponsor, promote and

      implement the annual Catechist and Teacher In-Service, usually held in September each year.

Periodic visitations of parishes for special presentations, workshops, and seminars and for

     inspection of records for policy compliance


            Ability to work in the office environment and some outside work

            Interpersonal skills to successfully interact with a wide variety of people and their needs

            Ability to instruct when needed, particularly the training for protection of minors

            Integrity to handle confidential information securely and privately.

            Creative insights to develop new programs and seek new funding opportunities

            Knowledge of and compliance with the moral teaching of the Catholic Church

            Acceptable results of criminal, financial and driving background checks

Preferred Skills and Experience

            VIRTUS training or instructor experience

            Training and experience in Catholic catechesis

            Experience in organization and management

            Experience in managing youth groups and organizations

            Computer competence to include:

  • email use
  • Internet applications
  • Utilization of social media
  • Ability to use application-based data programs


            Direct supervisor:  Chancellor

Wage and Benefits:  (following guidance of Diocese of Gallup Personnel Policy and Procedure Manual)

            Hourly Wage:  Initial wage is $ 14.00

            Health insurance options provided

            Vacation accrues per policy

            No sick leave but Personal Time Off (PTO) accrues 1 day per month

            Paid Holidays – 11 per year

In conjunction with the Office of the Superintendent of Catholic Schools sponsor, promote and implement the annual Catechist and Teacher In-Service, usually held in September each year.

On a quarterly or semiannual basis, visit various parishes and deaneries and offer educational.

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