From the Rector: 32nd Sunday- The dedication of St. John Laterna Basilica

Sacred Heart Cathedral Bazaar Thank You and update


A heartfelt thank you to everyone who came out and enjoyed themselves by participating in our annual Parish Bazaar! We are very grateful to everyone who volunteered, entertained, donated prizes and items for the booths, prepared food, put up decorations, and cleaned up afterwards. We can all be proud of the joyful family atmosphere that abounded to benefit Sacred Heart School, the Parish Family Center, and Sacred Heart Cathedral parish. Please consider how your ideas, generosity and participation could go to make this an even more successful event next year.

On behalf of Bishop Wall, Fr. Block and myself, I want to thank the committee who spearheaded the Bazaar this year, Ruth Ruiz, Barbara Kozeliski and Marilyn Benedict, and those who worked closely with them. May God Bless you for your generous effort, and congratulations on the success of the 2014 Bazaar!

$3.00 Raffle winners
1st place- $1000.00/Panz Allegra, Tony Gonzales, CPA, Don Diego’s, Mason & Issacson, P.A.                  
Fannie Kinsel
2nd place- $800.00/Pinnacle Bank & Andy Trading Co.                                                                                     
Frederic Carabajal
3rd place– $250.00/Gallup Auto Detail                                                                                                                   
David Montelongo
4th place- $100/Gallup Custom tint                                                                                                                          
5th place– silver & turquoise Rosary/Martinez Religious Supply                                                                       
Betty James
6th place-$100/ Mystique Salon                                                                                                                                
Mary Etta Dennison
7th place– Window tint/Auto Glass                                                                                                                          
Betty James
8th place-$25/Flower Basket                                                                                                                                     
Rachel Dennison
9th place-$25/Flower Basket                                                                                                                                     
Bill Mclene
10th place– Oakly sunglasses/Dr. Robert D’Orazio                                                                                              
Cynthia Maldonado

Ye Ole Christmas Shoppe Boot Raffle winners:
1st place: Christmas tree decorated with Vintage ornaments                                                                            
Jennifer Adcock
2nd place: Ballerina’s dreamland tree                                                                                                                    
Stephen Graham
3rd place: Angel’s Harp Christmas Decoration                                                                                                    
Cynthia Ferrari
4th place: Signed copy of Swinging a (Dead) Cat! by Jeannette Gartner                                                       
Cindy Joe

Linen Booth Raffle winners:
Hand embroidered towels                                                                                                                                        
Priscilla Smith
Hand embroidered tea towels and linens                                                                                                             
Eileen Adcock

Coffee Booth prize winners:
Trish Ortiz                     Nina Biava                             Duane Chase
Barbara Ferrari                 Kim Estrada                            Franchesca Chioda
Lori Comestewa                  Aedra Andrade                          Gertrude Lee

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