From the Rector: Epiphany


On the feast of the Epiphany, when we reflect on the gifts given to the Baby Jesus by the Magi, it is fitting also to reflect upon our own gifts. We have all been given gifts beyond measure by God, who is the giver of all good things.

Each of us have been given the gift of our Faith, which if responded to properly, will lead us through Jesus Christ to the rewards of heaven. Our very life is a gift. All the material and spiritual gifts we possess; from whom have we received them? Have we been grateful for them? How have we used them? How have we shared them?

As the new year begins it is customary to make plans and resolutions. First among them should be how we will acknowledge, use and share the gifts we have received from God.

I would like to suggest some ways in the parish that you might offer your time treasure and talent to the child Jesus.

Things to which you might offer your time, talent and treasure.

Choir  (Ruth Ruiz 505-906-2098)

Linens   (Diane Courtois 505-722-6644)

Ushers  (Frank Kozeliski 505-870-0316)

Lectors  (Wade Bell 505-870-2130)

Servers  (Eric Pena 505-870-9937)

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion  (Debra Kraus 505-870-2939)

Bazaar   (Fr. Matthew Keller-Chair is Vacant)

Knights of Columbus  (David Montoya)

Decorating  (Sandra Esparza  & Jeanette Butler 505-979-2375)

CCD   (Debra Trujillo 505-870-1785)

Youth Group  (Leslie Farrell 505-722-6644)

RCIA   (Nina Biava 505-979-0892)

Sacred Heart School   (Linda Padilla 505-863-6652)

Collection Counters  (Fr. Matthew Keller)

Adopting Flower Pots   (Ray Casias)

Altar society 

Legion of Mary  (Maria Theresa Guillen 505-870-7560)

40 hours devotion  (This year June 6,7,8 )

Fiesta  (June 2, Fr. Keller)

Visitation at Jail, Hospital, Nursing Homes.  (Fr. Cormack, Fr. Pio O’Conner)

Jail/Prison Ministry (Sister Elizabeth Racko 928-606-4737)

Bishop’s Annual Appeal  (Diocese of Gallup 505-863-4406)

The Bishop’s Mardi Gras   (Catholic Peoples Foundation 505-726-8295)

V8’s for Vocations  (Fr. Matthew Keller 505-722-6644)

Pro-life Committee              (Sig Martinez 505-870-1703

Catholic Engaged Encounter (Deacon Randy & Maria Copeland 505-726-2707)


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