From the Rector: Flu Season

It’s Flu time again.

I received the following e-mail from a local medical doctor who gives us these updates periodically:

Dear Father,

It appears that the region is headed into the zenith of the flu season.  If it follows trends from prior years it will peak within the next month.  It also appears that our portion of the State leads in influenza incidence.

In response to this warning, we will interrupt the regular distribution of Holy Communion under the form of the Precious Blood from the chalice at weekend Masses until we hear that the flu outbreak has passed. We are to remember that we always receive the whole Christ, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity even when we receive Holy Communion under only one form.

Has This Ever Happened to You?

The ushers come forward to begin the Offertory collection process.  You lean over and ask your spouse if they have the envelope?  They reply that it was left on the table for you to put in your pocket.  Ooops!  No envelope to give this week!  In the rush of getting off to church, we all forget the envelope once in a while.  Check out an easier way to give.

Sacred Heart Cathedral would like to thank the families who are currently giving electronically.  You may not see these fellow parishioners place an envelope in the basket every week, but their consistent giving does not go unnoticed in our parish office.  Each month our parish receives a steady and predictable stream of income from those donors who have made the commitment to give to God first by having a designated contribution automatically transferred to our parish through our Online Giving Program. If you would like to learn more about this easy, safe and secure way of giving, please contact our parish secretary or check out our website at It’s simple!  It’s safe!  And it keeps God at the top of your giving list!

Irish Prayer of Gratitude

You’ve blessed me with friends, and laughter, and fun.
With rain that’s as soft as the light of the sun.
You’ve blessed me with stars to brighten each night.
You’ve given me help to know wrong from right.
You’ve given me so much. Please, Lord, give me too,
a heart that is always grateful to you.


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