From the Rector: Fourth Sunday of Easter

A catechetical Bible study
Mary our Queen and Mother

doctrine catechism Bible
The Father of Jesus is our Father…

CCC #’s 2780, -2793

“Our Father”
Mt 6:9-13

likewise,the Mother of Jesus is our Mother.

CCC #’s 963-970;  2853-54

“Behold your Mother”
Jn 19-26-27
“Her offspring”
Rev. 12:17

Jesus is a King…

CCC #786

“he will rule over the house of David forever”
Lk 1:32

Mary is the Mother of a King. “Mother of my Lord”
(She is therefore the Queen- Mother) Lk 1:43

Jesus is given a royal greeting and a crown crown of thorns
“Hail King of the Jews”
Mt 27:29

Mary is given a royal greeting and a crown crown of 12 stars
“Hail full of grace”
Lk 1:28, Rev. 12:1

Meaning of the crown of 12 stars

Rev. 21:12, 14
Israel and the Church

Intercessory role of Mary, the Queen Mother

CCC #969

“I will speak to the king for you”
1Kings 2:18

Conclusion: The Role of the Queen Mother, is to intercede for us with the King. Mary fulfills this role by going to Jesus her Son, the King to intercede on our behalf, as she did on behalf the couple at the Wedding feast of Cana (Jn 2:1-12).

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