From the Rector: “The Last Things”

It is customary for November to be a time to consider “The Last things”.   I am presenting here the outline for a Catechetical Bible study concerning Death, Judgment, Heaven, Purgatory, Hell, the Resurrection, and the New Creation. Some of the Questions that will be answered in the next few weeks will be:

-What ever happened to Limbo? CCC# 1261

-Where is Purgatory in the Bible?1Cor 3:15, 2Mac 12:44-46

-When will the end of the world come? Mt 24:36-44

-Why would a loving God send anyone to Hell for all eternity? CCC 1033, 1037

-Will my loved ones know me in Heaven?1Jn3:2 CCC #1053

The following graph presents in an abbreviated form some points of doctrine, and where the Catholic teaching can be found in the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the Bible.  The bulletin letter from the Rector will spell out the answer to the questions and the explanation of the doctrine in more detail.


Doctrine                                           Catechism                        Bible


-Death entered the world as a result of sin    CCC #1006-1008            Rom 5:12, 6:23

-Death is changed and conquered by Christ  CCC#1009-1014             Rom 5:19-21

-Death is the completion of Baptism             CCC#1010                       2Tim 2:11

                                                                                                                Rom 6:3-9


The Last Judgment or General Judgment    CCC #1038-41, 1059        Mt 25:31-46

                                                                                                                Rev. 20:11

The Particular Judgment                           CCC #1021-1022, 1051.     Rev 21:27

                                                                                                               Heb 9:27

                                                                                                               2Cor 5:10


Wonderful Beyond description                 CCC  #1023-1029               1Cor 2:9                          

                                                                                                               Rev. 21:22

                                                                                                               Rev. 22:1


A place of purification                                CCC # 1030-1032, 1054      1Cor 3:10-17

We can help the souls there                                                                     2Mac 12:44-46

Debt  forgiven after death                                                                         Mt 5:26

Mortal and venial sins                                                                              1John 5:16-17

sins already forgiven require reparation                                                  2Sam 12:13-14



Hell exists                                                  CCC #1033-1037,                 Rev. 21:8

Hell is eternal                                                  1056-1057                        Mt 25:41-46

There are souls there                                                                                Jude 7



We will all be reunited with our bodies     CCC # 996-1004,                1Thes 4:13-18

1016-1017, 1052                 1Cor 15:50

Jesus promised resurrection to believers                                                Jn 6


The New Creation

The Material universe continues                 CCC # 1042-1050,1060       Rom 8:19-23

                                                                                                                   Rev 21:1-8


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