From the Rector: Memorial for donors to Sacred Heart Cathedral’s Family Center

An update on the Memorial for donors to the Family Center

One project that has been confounding myself and previous rectors of the Cathedral for many years has been the “donors’ tree” in the Family Center.  The tree has been losing the “leaves”, inscribed with the donors’ names on them for some time, and posed a few other safety problems as well. It was such a temptation for little children to climb on the sculpture which was of concern because of the sharp edges.  Several solutions were put forward and finally after consulting with the Finance Committee, Parish Property Manager, donors and craftsmen, we came up with a solution.

Jerry Montoya, the artist who spearheaded the recent Spanish Market during our fiesta was commissioned to paint a mural of a cedar tree which will encompass the names of the donors.  The metal tree has been taken down, and the  “leaves” inscribed with the donors’ names will be available to the original donors or their descendants.  Please contact the Parish Office to claim the metal leaves with your name on it, and we will try to contact those we don’t hear from.  The result, I think you will agree, is quite beautiful and will fittingly commemorate the effort of those who so generously contributed to the building of the Family Center.  God Bless you!


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