From the Rector: A Plan of Life: Part II

A Plan of Life: Part II

The weekly plan:
In the course of the week, designate one day in which to emphasize each one of the pillars.

On that day include an item from a particular category that might not be done as frequently:

Spiritual formation day: A special day for fasting, lectoring or serving a at a weekday Mass.
Human formation day: A once a week choir practice; an extended hike; House cleaning day.
Intellectual formation day: A once a week class or conference.
Pastoral formation day: A Special visit to nursing home or teaching a CCD class.

The weekly plan takes into consideration absolute essentials like Sunday Mass.

The Monthly Plan:
The monthly plan reminds one not to neglect certain practices that should engage in at least monthly.

Spiritual formation: Spiritual direction and Confession.
Human Formation: Letters, calls or visits to family members, Bookkeeping.
Intellectual Formation: Finishing a book that has been lingering.
Pastoral Formation: Pro- Life activities, promoting vocations.

The yearly plan:
This plan is used to set goals for the coming year and evaluate the past year. It also reminds us about special days we should plan for throughout the year.

Spiritual Formation: Plan an annual retreat, Celebrate the Anniversary of one’s Baptism Day.
Human Formation: Plan when and how to spend Vacation time; plan to learn more chant.
Intellectual Formation: Commit to learning improving language skills in the coming year. Plan to contribute an article to the diocesan paper, or to learn a new language.
Pastoral Formation: Decide which apostolate will be undertaken in the following year.


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