From the Rector: A Plan of Life-Part I

A Plan of Life: Part I

Why a plan of life?

A personal plan of life is a way of keeping the various aspects of one’s life and formation in balance.


There are certain advantages to following a plan of life:

-A plan gives constancy and regularity to one’s efforts in developing and deepening the spiritual life.

-With a plan, there is less danger of being lazy and of wasting time.

-With a plan one is less likely to fall away from spiritual practices.

-A plan of life causes one to be attentive to the duty of the moment.

-With a plan it is easier to see God in the ordinary activities of the Day. (adapted from Arlington Diocese QV days)


Without a plan: (adapted from Arlington Diocese QV days)

-one’s progress may suffer.

-one might altogether neglect some important aspects of formation.

-one might suffer from indecision about what to do.

-one might neglect his duties.

-we might move too hastily or too slowly from one thing to the next.


How to develop a plan of life.

The Daily plan:

Using the four pillars of formation, Select the elements from each area which ought to be done daily if at all possible. Categorize the things you already do in the course of the day including your duties. If you are a student, you are already doing a lot of intellectual formation!

Try to plan out a time and place for accomplishing as many of these as is feasible. If it is not practical to accomplish all of the items in a category, cut down some aspects from different areas but do not completely eliminate any one of the four areas or any absolutely necessary item.

Spiritual Formation Human Formation Intellectual Formation Pastoral Formation
-Morning Offering -Exercise -Study -The Spiritual and

Corporal works of mercy

-Daily Examen -Recreation -Library research -Some form of penance or mortification
-Daily Mass -Service -Discussion  
-The Liturgy of the hours (some part) -Fraternity -Reading  
-A holy hour (some time of prayer and adoration) -Daily Duties    
-The Rosary    


Try to keep a balance.

Vary the items in the daily plan throughout the week to try to cover a wider range so that nothing is altogether left out. Saturday for example is traditionally a day of devotion to Our Lady, Thursday is the day of devotion to Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, and Friday a day of devotion to penance.


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