From the Rector: Qualifications to become a Baptism Sponsor


According to the Universal law of the Church, to be permitted to take on the function of a sponsor a person must:

Be designated by the one to be baptized, by the parents, or guardians.

have at least completed the sixteenth year of age

be Baptized

have Received 1st Holy Communion

be Confirmed

not be bound by canonical penalty

not be the father or mother of the one to be baptized

receive proper instruction in the meaning of the sacrament and the obligations which are attached to it.  

Furthermore, the Sacramental Guidelines for the Catholic Church require that a person who wishes to be a sponsor demonstrate a life in harmony with the faith, which presumes:
-not living together as a couple without Marriage.
-having the Sacrament of Matrimony within the Catholic Church (if married) 
-regular attendance at Sunday Mass
-religious education of their own children

Our parish policy is that all those wishing to be sponsors fill out and submit the information form, have it signed by their pastor, and attend a preparation classes to fulfill the requirement for receiving instructions mentioned above.  These classes will have been attended by the sponsor within the past 3 years at any Catholic parish.

There is no fee or charge for the Sacrament of Baptism or any other Sacrament.
Suggested practices:

Each year on the anniversary of the Baptism visit, call or send a card to your godchild.

Be present to your godchild at special times such as Christmas, Easter, First Communion, Confirmation, Graduation, Marriage.

Keep yourself well informed on Christian doctrine so that you can help to guide your godchild in living the Catholic faith.

Support the parents in their role as the primary religious educators of their child.  

Accompany your godchild to Mass or CCD

Above everything else, become a model of Christian living for your godchild by daily prayer and active participation in the life of the parish and the liturgy.
Thank you for your cooperation

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