From the Rector: Security

Church and Parking Lot Security

As you may be aware there have been a number of incidents in the Church and parking lot of the Cathedral in the past few weeks. Three car windows have been broken and some items taken from cars while we were in the Church worshipping or at activities in the family center.  On one occasion something was stolen from a purse left unattended in the Church itself. The Police have been notified, and after the second break in we made the decision to employ security for the parking lot during the Sunday Masses.  Unfortunately even a visible deterrent wasn’t enough, and an incident occurred even with a security person on site.  A further decision was made to put cameras around the buildings to help monitor the grounds of the church. Please do not leave valuables visible in your car, and I’m sorry to add, don’t leave valuables unattended in the church. So far the items stolen have been a purse, a cell phone, and cash.

It is hard to believe that people who are coming to pray would be targeted, but we have to accept that unfortunately not every one has been steeped in the Gospel message of treating one another as we wish to be treated, nor have all taken to heart the command not to steal. Let us pray for the conversion of the person or people responsible, and for the grace to be better Christians because of adversity rather than use it as an excuse to justify anger or look for retaliation. We must be prudent and diligent for the safety of our parishioners, without losing our peace.

God Bless you,

-Fr. Keller


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