From the Rector: All Souls Day

All Souls Day

The Last things: A Catechetical Bible study concerning Death, Judgment, Heaven, Purgatory, Hell, the Resurrection, the New Creation.
-What ever happened to Limbo? CCC# 1261
-Where is Purgatory in the Bible?1Cor 3:15, 2Mac 12:44-46
-When will the end of the world come? Mt 24:36-44
-Why would a loving God send anyone to Hell for all eternity? CCC 1033, 1037
-Will my loved ones know me in Heaven?1Jn3:2 CCC #1053

Death doctrine/ catechism/ Bible
-Death entered the world as a result of sin/ CCC #1006-1008/ Rom 5:12, 6:23
-Death is changed and conquered by Christ/ CCC#1009-1014/ Rom 5:19-21
-Death is the completion of Baptism/ CCC#1010/ 2Tim 2:11 and Rom 6:3-9
The Last Judgment or General Judgment/ CCC #1038-41, 1059/ Mt 25:31-46 and Rev. 20:11
The Particular Judgment/ CCC #1021-1022, 1051./ Rev 21:27 and Heb 9:27 and 2Cor 5:10
Wonderful Beyond description/ CCC #1023-1029/ 1Cor 2:9 and Rev. 21:22 and Rev. 22:1
A place of purification/ CCC # 1030-1032, 1054/ 1Cor 3:10-17
We can help the souls there/ 2Mac 12:44-46
Debt forgiven after death /Mt 5:26
Mortal and venial sins/ 1John 5:16-17
sins already forgiven require reparation/ 2Sam 12:13-14

Hell exists/ CCC #1033-1037,/ Rev. 21:8
Hell is eternal/CCC# 1056-1057/ Mt 25:41-46
There are souls there/ Jude 7

We will all be reunited with our bodies/ CCC # 996-1004,/ 1Thes 4
1016-1017, 1052/ 1Cor 15:50

Jesus promised resurrection to believers/ Jn 6

The New Creation
The Material universe continues/ CCC # 1042-1050,1060/ Rom 8:19-23 and Rev 21:1-8

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