Sacred Heart Cathedral


At Sacred Heart Cathedral, we can help to build a community of service to other members of our parish through one of the corporal works of mercy–feeding the hungry. There are many occasions where the gift of a meal would help a fellow parishioner during life events. We are now forming the Sacred Heart Meal Ministry, whose goal is to provide one meal a day for up to 2 weeks to new parents in our parish upon the birth or adoption of their child. Once this ministry is established,
other possible occasions that could call for providing meals to parishioners would be having a family member in the hospital, having a family member recovering at home from a surgery or illness, or welcoming a family that has recently moved into the area and joined our parish. If you would like to help provide meals, please consider signing up to be part of the Sacred Heart Meal Ministry by contacting Anne Lemon, 402-575-7373, Also, if you know of new parents who would like to receive meals when their child arrives, or if your family is preparing to welcome a new child and would like to receive meals, please contact Anne. Thank you and God Bless

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